Whales guide


Each season, at the beginning of summer, we can watch the whales arriving in the St.Lawrence River to feed after a long migration. During the fall season, they will return to the sea to give birth.

Blue whale O O O S S S
Humpback whale O S S O O O
Minke whale S S S S S S
Finback whale O O S S S S
Beluga S S S S S S
Seal S S S S S S
Dolphin S S S

S: often O:occasionally : except season

These enormous mammals are continuously on the move, looking for their necessary food. Observation by vessel is the only way to track them. Often we can identify a particular species by the size of the water spume they produce.

It is very important not to disturb the whales. Our activities are always done in accordance with the Saguenay-St.Lawrence Marine Park regulations.

mysticetes - Baleines à bosses

Characteristics of these mammals :

  1. They breath air from above the water level via a “blow-hole” in the top of their heads
  2. They are warm-bloodedanimals and their body has a constanttemperature
  3. The development of a foetus occurs internally
  4. The young whale isnursed by the mother like other mammals

Odontocèdes - baleines à dents

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