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Nos croisières en bateaux d'observation sont gratuites pour les enfants de 0 à 5 ans!

Tous les départs en zodiacs et bateaux d'observation se font de Baie-Ste-Catherine ou de Tadoussac.

Rendez-vous à la billetterie Croisières AML de Baie-Ste-Catherine, voisine du quai du Parc marin, où à la billetterie de Tadoussac avec votre confirmation d'achat.

What schedule to choose TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PLEASURE?

Departures  : 7h30 Early Bird Special
16h00 Sunset Cruise

  • The sea is usually more placid in the early morning and near sunset. You may find the stillness you are looking for in the early morning.
  • This is perfect time to see the sunset behind the Capes and Mountains of Charlevoix.
  • This is an ideal morning activity for families and “early birds”.
  • The seacoast, mountain scenery, and ever-changing mood of the sea will help you understand mother nature at her best at the edge of the wilderness. Even the animals may have a different behaviour. Watch for it !
  • Your cruise will return to port at 10:00 a.m., allowing you lots of free time for other activities. You will be back on the road when the traf .c is less busy at end of the day.
  • You will appreciate our special “Early Bird” or “Sunset Cruise” economy fares.

The Great Adventure

Départures : 10h00 and 13h00

As the sun rises up to its zenith everyone will enjoy the cruises as themajor event of the day. Lots of activity at the whale-watching site.

Raining today ? No problem !

We have great nature. Experience the Explorathor vessel as a theatre, to turn a rainy day into fun.

Before your departure,
do not forget useful accessorires like ; polar, jacket, camera, Telescope, etc.
Bien utile !


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